Duplex as an Investment (Edison) – 5/16/24

Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio?  Would you like to have someone else make your mortgage payments? Learn how to complete a rental property worksheet, understand the tax benefits of owning real estate and discuss the pros and cons of owning rental property. The tax benefits of owning rentals, how to evaluate a property and how to protect yourself as a landlord will be covered in detail.

Instructor: Chris Gemlo

Chris Gemlo is a dynamic experienced speaker for adult education for over 19 years. He is a licensed real estate broker who was recently selected as one of the 100 most influential real estate agents in MN and is also a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. He has been a leader in the real estate community for over 20 years in both sales and property management. His background in teaching, home construction, finance, property management, negotiation and real estate gives him all the tools to answer your questions.

Location: Edison High School

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